In order to make use of the Lightning Links Casino, a user is required to be using either a Google Chrome or Firefox browser. He needs to download this program and then follow a step by step instruction to use it. Since these programs are still not available for Windows operating systems, an individual may use the Safari browser.

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The only requirement for using the Lightning Link Games in Safari is to download the program and then follow the user instruction on how to use it. One will also need to accept the agreement forms to continue. There will be a download of the program to be done before getting started. In this process, the user may have to follow all the forms to install the program.

Once the installation is done, the user may then visit the official Facebook page to check out the current games. The user will then be asked to provide his information in order to activate the application. After that, the user will get registered with the site and will have the option to play in the normal way. Once registered, he may then log in to access the game that he wants to play.

The player can play in the slot games, craps, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, roulette, keno, and live poker. Other games include the Jackpot, Mega Bonus, Instant Win, Mystery Win, Slots and Mini Games. One can also take part in the bets in the multiple games to win some extra money.

While playing the games, the player is required to enter his own number in order to get the Bonus. The number entered will be the one used to play in the bonus games in the Lightning Link Casino.

To be able to place the winning bets, one needs to be in the same slot for which he is playing. This is one of the many perks that the players get from the Lightning Link Casino. With this, they can avoid the possibility of losing his stake in the games and thus be able to be sure that he wins.

The player can also select any of the numbers to place his bets in the slot games. The slot numbers will be those that have been listed in the specific slot game. When one gets the bonus, he can then use it to place his bet in the slot games. If he wins, he will get some extra money.

For making use of the free slots in the Lightning Links Casino, a person is required to follow the registration procedure, confirm an email address, and set up an account before he can actually start to play the games. All these requirements are necessary for being able to enjoy the free slots in the Lightning Links Casino. The only thing left for a player to do is to play the games without losing all the money he has bet.