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A food philosophy on healthy, simple, delicious food:

  • Healthy
    All recipes are inspired by natural, organic, whole foods. Great nutritious foods that make you look and feel good. Healthy cooking, good looking!
  • Simple
    Don’t you get bummed by recipes with never ending ingredients lists? So, simple food. Using only the necessary fresh ingredients and easy to prepare recipes.
  • Delicious
    Wait, hold on! No compensating on flavor here! If you only want healthy simple food, you might as well chew on a carrot. So last, but not least, some real yummy for your tummy!

You will find that most recipes are plantbased and free of dairy, gluten, meat, refined sugar and processed food. In the recipe-index you can also find recipes for a vegan, vegetarian, paleo or raw diet. If you’re wondering which ingredients to incorporate in your cooking to create a healthy base, please take a look here.



About Wendy

On November 2013 I’ve launched this blog which, as the daughter of a photographer and a vegetarian foodie, secretly had been on my wish list for quite some time. Over the years, being a vegetarian and in search for a healthy food philosophy, I’ve gathered a large recipe collection that I wish to share with you. I hope te inspire you to cook and eat healthy, simple and delicious.

5 Fun facts about me:

  • I live in the Netherlands moved to Denmark with my soul mate and best friend Jonathan
  • We have a very naughty fluffy cat which we rescued from an animal shelter
  • I’m a certified psychologist in Public Health and Safety Psychology
  • I’ve travelled over 20 countries (my favorite thing to do is to go places I’ve never been before) 
  • I enjoy doing yoga and aim to be happy for no good reason at all :)


Connect with me:
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Thank you very much for visiting!

X, Wendy Garnier


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  1. Hola, he descubierto tu blog por Pinterest y me ha encantado.
    No soy vegetariana, pero me encanta comer natural y sano.
    Espero que sigamos en contacto.

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